Jazzed Tales

First workshopped at the Greenwich Theatre, London, in 2006
Book, Music and lyrics by Andrew Fisher
Produced by Hilary Strong and Fiona Laird
Directed by Mitchell Moreno
Artwork by Jonathan Edwards



Jazzed Tales is a fast­-paced musical satire that re-casts well known nursery stories in a contemporary way, using a range of jazz idioms. This album contains the first two (of four) self­-contained acts: Red Riding Hood and the Cross Dressing Wolf and The Three Hispanic Pigs.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Cross­-Dressing Wolf

Red, a Los Angeles socialite, is on her way to Grandmama’s exclusive party, chatting loudly on her mobile phone. She is overheard by Wolf, who races ahead to devour the party and Gran. Red, arriving later, sees the carnage and calls the SWAT team. A colourful court­case ensues, where the heinous charge of cross­-dressing without paying attention to colour co-­ordination is levelled. Will Wolfie’s comfort-eating defence stand up? Will any of the characters grow spiritually and vow to live well-­adjusted lives? A satire of social mores.

The Three Hispanic Pigs

Manuel the Wolf, a young, poor and hen­-pecked husband and father, is ostracised socially from the night­ clubs of Madrid (run by the Three Hispanic Pigs, Jose, Hernandez and Ray), because he cannot dance. Every time he gets onto the dance floor, his eccentric dance moves culminate in a debilitating asthma attack: the combination of his idiosyncratic dance moves and his huffing and puffing so discredits the club with the unsympathetic teenage punters that it shuts down, and so it proves for Jose’s Club of Straw and Hernandez’ Moonlight Lounge of Cocktail Sticks. Can Manuel prove his worth and impress his wife at Ray’s club? Will Ray’s Discotheque of Bricks stand up to his unfortunate bronchial condition? Will his wife ever take him back? A tender but humorous look at popularity and acceptance.

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