Moon On A Stick

First Performed at the Waterman's Theatre, London in 2007
Directed by James Gillingham
Music and Lyrics by Andrew Fisher
Book and Lyrics by James Gilingham and Rupert Waring
Image by Jonathan Edwards

While the universe evolves, while stars expire and reform, while villains scheme and heroes emerge, the intergalactic fast food empire of Momma Moon’s continues to serve the universe with its improbably coloured edible solids. Follow Malloon, a disgruntled alien working for Momma Moon’s Research and Development laboratory whose dreams of retirement are put to one side by a legend of a girl with a jewel in her head.

Moon on a Stick is an original comical sci-fi musical in two acts, that tells the story of one human girl’s fight against the insatiable greed of intergalactic fast food company ‘Momma Moon’s', and one green alien’s lust for a mythical jewel
that will bring him power beyond adequate comprehension.

With a cast of memorable characters, a diverse and relentlessy catchy score, and the funniest script this side of Neptune, Moon on a Stick is the hottest new musical comedy in the universe.

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